Close your eyes and visualise a sailing boat leaving Marseilles arriving in Sydney on the sixth of March 1854.”
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What did they take with them? What were the first impressions of the new land? Some of them visited Spain several times. Others never looked behind. But all of them kept in touch with their roots!
the first pilot to fly from Britain to Australia in a single engine plane was of Catalan origin?
Migrant’s Suitcase:
What would you take to the other side of the world?
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Dear Mum,
I send you this postcard
from the steamer...
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The Portrait:
Kim Sans: the prodigal son returns to Montgat
Kim Sans was very happy to see again the weel in Cal Ros, which was stuck in his memory since he was a child.
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James Rubira Diary

Arrival in Australia
From the bustling city of Barcelona to the fledgling township of Ayr
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