The trip to the Antipodes // Carmen Ferré

Carmen Ferré

Carmen Ferré arrival in Australia
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Bruno Tapiolas' life by Joanne Tapiolas

From the bustling city of Barcelona to the fledgling township of Ayr.

Carmen Tapiolas (née Ferré) was dressed up in her fine clothes when she got off at the Ayr train station. Bruno Tapiolas borrowed an umbrella so that she would have protection on the way to the farm. And about two or three kilometers after being in the horse and buggy she said: 

‘When will we be coming to the town?’, 

and he said:

 ‘Remember when we borrowed that parasol? That was the town.’

Joanne Tapiolas tells us how difficult it might have been for her grandmother to leave Barcelona and start a new life in North Queensland. Do you want to enveil Carmen's story? Click on the audio on the right.