The trip to the Antipodes // Communication with the loved ones

Communication with the loved ones

Communication with Spain
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Tapiolas received food from Spain
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Joe Valls message to Peret [in catalan]
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Postcard from 'Els Escolapis' in Montgat
Christmas card from Opisso family to the Power's
Letter from the Bishop of Perth to the Abbot of Montserrat
Postcard from Montserrat House
Sans family in Spain

Even though they were living on the other side of the world, the Catalan families always kept in touch with their family and friends. In the early 20th Century it was more different to keep in touch, but everyone wanted to inform their relatives of any news in the family. A letter took more than a month to get to its destination... And not everyone knew how to read and write in those days... But a little package from the other side of the world was always highly appreciated!