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The navigation in the website is very easy. Once you selected your preferred language, you get directed to the main page. You can go back to the homepage at any time by clicking the Catalan Footprint Logo on the top left of the page.

From the main page, you get directed to the actual website. It is very easy to move around it, as if you were reading a newspaper! You can go straight to the content you prefer by clicking on to the extendable menus on the left.

The timeline can be accessed at any time, you just need to scroll right and move the cursor to read the different entries.

You can search all the entries on the website and extra material through the Gallery. And leave your feedback through User Space. Please use it! It is your space!

We recommend you to take it easy. There is so much information and many features to play around. Come back to us at any time. We will be here for the next five years, constantly updating the content. And there are so many stories to discover!