The new home: Australia // Family Cabus - Codina

Family Cabus - Codina

Codina family arrival in Australia
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The Codina family decided to return to Cal Antonet in native Montgat but soon came back to Australia. 

Josefa Parer married Joan Cabus and they had one son and two daughters. In a double wedding, Antonieta married Frank Parer (son of Estevan’s first marriage with Jane Carrol) and Rosa married John Codina.

In 1920, the Codina side of the family decided to go back to live in Cal Antonet, the family house in Montgat, with John’s brother’s family. Their two daughters, Nieves and Lola, went to school at ‘els escolapis’. The political instability in Spain, and some family issues, pushed them to move back to Australia in 1923, where John imported cork from Spain through his friend Guardiola in Montgat. The Codinas helped many Catalans to migrate to Australia, like Josep Villà, who lived with them for a while, and whose respective families are still in close contact.